WA EV Trial

Trial Goals:
  • Provide a public demonstration of the operating characteristics and environmental benefits of electric vehicles;
  • Provide local industrial development opportunities in a range of areas, as well as gain technology transfer into WA universities for what will be a major new industry;
  • Provide an opportunity for trial participants to assess the suitability of electric vehicles for their specific operational requirements; and
  • Identify and assess the technical, regulatory, policy and planning issues with the introduction of electric vehicles in Perth.

Trial Set-Up:

  • 11 specially converted electric vehicles (developed in consultation with the University of WA) have been purchased and are being operated by fleet participants, in order to track and collect usage data;
  • Up to 12 state of the art fast-recharge bays will be installed around Perth for use by fleet participants (to be provided under a separate ARC Linkage grant funded project conducted by a consortium led by UWA and including the Department of Transport, Murdoch University, Gull and CO2 Smart); and
  • A comprehensive multi-year UWA led research project will be conducted, aimed at providing the insights needed to enable the wider introduction of electric vehicles.

For an A4 Information Sheet (PDF) on the Trial Information Sheet.

For a Q&A document giving more specific details on the trial click here.