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The REV Project Message

Sent March 6th 2014

Hi All! Come see and test drive electric cars in action at the AEVA Electrikhana! The REV Project will be there with the Lotus Elise and our Autonomous SAE Race Car. Saturday 6th March 2014, RAC Driving Centre, Grogan Road, Perth Airport, Western Australia, Australia Regards, Stuart Speidel The REV Project Student Manager ...

EV Trial Report

Sent June 11th 2013

EV Trial Report Dear REV Followers, The WA Electric Vehicle Trial has been completed and the Final Report is available here, if you are interested: The Linkage project on EV Charging is continuing until end of 2014. Up-to-date statistics can be found here: Regards, Thomas Bräunl ...

Elektrokhana on Sunday

Sent March 7th 2013

Elektrokhana on Sunday Dear REV Followers, Please join us in coming to the Elektrokhana event on Sun. from 12noon at the RAC DTEC Driving Centre near Perth Airport. We will showcase as many REV EVs as possible, including Lotus, Getz, 2010-saw Race car and possibly even the new 2013 SAE car. Regards, Thomas Bräunl ___________________________________________________________________________ Thomas Bräunl, Professor Dr. habil. Director WA Electric Vehicle Trial _--_|...

The REV Project Message

Sent February 27th 2013

The REV Project Message test ...




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